Tea Blend Recipes

I like coffee.


Specifically the wide assortments of different caffeinated concoctions available to us nowadays courtesy of Starbucks. For those of you who hang out with me regularly, you will doubtlessly know that in Jan 2014, I made the New Years Resolution to cut down on my coffee intake – mainly because I don’t really do black coffee well, so I was drinking these crazy calorie-laden drinks overflowing with fat (courtesy of Starbucks).

Green tea latte from SB is one of my favorite drinks….. NOOOOOOOOOOOO

Part of the reason for SB’s insane calories is due to the fact they use cream and syrup a lot, which is laden with both fat and sugar.

As part of a bid to be healthier, my New Years Resolution was to decrease my coffee intake, and replace it with TEA.

Of course, it had to be loose-leaf tea.

keep your lipton shit outta here

keep your lipton shit outta here

So as I experiment with different types of tea blends and infusions, this blog will serve as a repertoire where I jot down the recipes for ones I really enjoyed, so that I can keep a record of them and re-create them for my tea parties.

You heard me right, TEA PARTIES.

Aw yiss.


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