Milky Jade Oolong Iced Tea

I’m a huge fan of the milky jade oolong tea leaves from Kusmi Tea.

When I first took a whiff of these aromatic tea leaves, I knew I had to buy it. It’s got the characteristic smoky aroma common to all oolong teas, but this one has a heavy milk texture to it. When brewed, it basically tastes like the Chatime roasted milk tea (which everyone knows I adore).

Apparently (according to Google at least), the characteristic milk flavour of these tea leaves stems from the gentle steam bath of milk and water that is placed under the tea leaves as they are being oxidized.

Anyways, I thought the milky jade oolong would taste great iced, and here is the recipe I used:

1.) fill 24 oz thermos with ice cubes

2.) 6 tsp milky jade oolong tea leaves

3.) 4 tsp sugar

4.) 16 oz boiling water

5.) steep 5 minutes

6.) pour into icey thermos, and shake vigourously.

The cold taste actually brings out the oolong flavour, while the milkiness comes through as a slight aftertaste. Deliciously refreshing 😛



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