Raspberry Pineapple Oolong Iced Tea

Summer is here, and man is it hot. Iced tea is the way to go – warning: iced tea in general uses more sugar to taste good, so consider yourself warned.

The secret to iced tea is to concentrate the hot tea, and then shake it with ice since the ice will melt and contribute water, which dilutes the tea.

I used a 24 oz thermos as my shaker (since I do not own an actual shaker…yet).

1.) Fill the 24 oz thermos with ice

2.) 2 tsp oolong tea

3.) 4 tsp raspberry pineapple white tea

4.) 3-3.5 tsp sugar

5.) 16 oz boiling water – wait 1 minute after it has finished boiling to let it cool a bit

Steep for 3 minutes, then pour into thermos and shake vigorously.


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