the other endings

Well clearly I am long overdue for a blog post.

It’s actually funny because what I’m blogging about today is something I’ve referenced to a while back, and I thought I had gotten it completely out of my system (I swear I did!). But seeing the whole situation happen elsewhere and seeing it end differently can really can make a man think, and so I have to put them down on paper.

Definitely one I could frame

Definitely one I could frame

So for those who know, I’ve been doing a few interviews lately. It’s been an interesting experience, kind of fun but also pretty stressful. One of their favourite questions seems to be: “What is your greatest weakness”.

Girls with attitude. Clearly my one weakness.

Girls with attitude. Clearly my one weakness.

Such a loaded question.

Truthfully, I know my greatest weakness is overconfidence. But I never say that in an interview because it seriously sounds so cliche.

It's funny but I have actually used this exact same image in a past blog to denote my greatest weakness as overconfidence -_-

It’s funny but I have actually used this exact same image in a past blog to denote my greatest weakness as overconfidence -_-

Well, looks like years later, my greatest weakness is still my greatest weakness. Maybe someday I’ll learn…

This time, I just wanted to reflect on a situation where I seriously thought I was doing the right thing, thought I was so clever and had thought out all the possible scenarios and decided upon the best one. I had even talked it over with a very close friend, just to get an outside perspective.

I find that while I am bad at many things, one thing I’m good at is rationalizing things, whether it is to convince myself or other people. So between the two of us feeding off each other, I was ever so convinced I was doing THE RIGHT THING.

my problem isn't a hesitance to do the right thing, but my perception of what the right thing IS.

my problem isn’t a hesitance to do the right thing, but my perception of what the right thing IS.

What ended up happening here was I had overlooked one possible outcome – because in my mind, it was so astronomically unlikely and actually could be perceived as somewhat morally ambiguous IN MY OPINION. And so I completely discounted that scenario and went ahead with my planned course of action.

And I was content with me. I mean, obviously it wasn’t a happy ending or anything, but I perfectly executed what I set out to do so I couldn’t be anything but pleased.



Then I got the unique experience of seeing my whole situation occur to someone else. Obviously there were differences, but more parallels could be drawn than differences. As an observer, it was much easier to be objective, and yet in assessing the situation, I felt that the right thing for that person in that situation was to react like I had.

Fortunately he didn’t. And the situation, which started off so similarly to mine, ended up resolving so differently than mine (much better!).

And then I came to a realization – that I am far from omniscient and that my overconfidence is actually keeping me from maintaining the openest mind that I can. I rationalize my actions well, which ends up causing me to discount things, ultimately making me miss out on important possibilities.



So here’s to keeping an open mind.

Here’s to a year from now, I can blog about my greatest weakness and NOT use that same image.

May the bridges I burn light my way.

pz out for now


constant maelstorm

Time really flies by – just a while back, I was on co-op, and now I’m halfway done another semester! I haven’t added a blog post in a while, although I did write a short blurb on cool breathing exercises, which is in the Health and Wellness section of my blog.

time flies but don’t forget that you’re the pilot

The title of this blog is maelstorm, which is eerily appropriate as I have just come out of 2 months of whirling midterms and projects, and the weather outside right now as I am writing this post is stormy rain. Of course, the next day after a storm is always beautiful, and this applies to more than just nature’s storms; I feel life is pretty balanced right now, even though the craziness restarts again in a week (#IPFClife).

Over the past two months, I’ve accumulated a ton of cool things I wanted to share on my blog, so this blog post is just gonna be a red carpet roll of things with narration? 😛

story of my love life? 😛

Sometimes I meet people that I get along tremendously with, but life often has different ideas and we drift apart as time goes by/people relocate as per career/life. It’s sad, but sometimes I think it’s better to be the perpendicular lines than the parallel lines because even if it’s only meeting once, every person we meet has some indelible effect on our life. Whether it’s positive or negative, it’s still an experience.

So when you ask me whether I would rather ‘have loved and have lost’, than ‘to never love at all’, I would pick the former.

Speaking of love (and neurotransmitters), I found this awesome sketch:

if our IPFC slides were cute like this, I think I would study better 😛

As I’ve blogged previously, I’m a member of the camp that believes love is an emotional state triggered by a unique mix of neurotransmitters and associated chemical impulses. Different types of love (romantic, friendship, familial) are triggered by different permutations/combinations of the same neurotransmitters.

So when you ask me if I believe in the concept of soulmates, I would have to say no. Because once the environment is right and the timing is good, then odds are there will be more than one person who can trigger that unique mixture of neurotransmitters in you. The probability lies in meeting those people when all the other factors align. #foreveralone

Switching topics: compared to my undergrad experience (FYI I was in microbiology and immunology at McGill aka I majored in partying with a minor in slacking off), I find pharmacy school more difficult than undergrad (#understatement-of-the-century?).


Part of this definitely stems from the fact that our curriculum is extremely clinically-based, with our modules centered around disease states and how to use drugs to treat them rather than just the drugs themselves.

I like that.

But it definitely does not prepare us for the PEBCs. Because the PEBCs just want pharmacists who memorize drugs and nothing else. Pathetic.

I think even though our curriculum may not prepare us adequately for the PEBCs (which have barely changed their testing strategies in the past 10 years despite the profession’s niche changing drastically), it helps us become better clinicians.

Because at the end of the day, passing the PEBCs just gains us a piece of paper (and the certificate looks so amateur too, something out of a low quality laser printer). But becoming a better cliniciana more complete practitionera true professional – that’s something that you EARN.

YOUR knowledge.

And you don’t need a goddamn paper to tell you that.

There’s a layer of proud ownership over everything you possess that wasn’t merely given to you.

Of course, getting there requires hard work. No one said that being exceptional was easy. I believe that hard work goes a long way, because at the end of the day, hard work trumps natural talent. Lots of people are talented.

But not everyone has the discipline to delay gratification and put in those hours of hard work.

Looking at this from an outcomes-based point of view (the Naggs would approve), being talented and not optimizing it leads to the same result as not having that talent at all.

You are lucky enough to be blessed with something. Now what are you going to do with it?

articulating your own limits is powerful.

As soon as you say it, you’re that much closer to making it true.

I guess this is a call-to-action to myself, on my blog, to work harder.

Anotha day anotha dolla :P.

Wow I love these graphs.

For those who have noticed, I’ve really gotten into this whole hashtagging thing – I just think it’s so fun. And that’s because I’ve JUST started a twitter account – get at me at ‘t3_victor’.

Music Mondays (man when’s the last time I actually blogged on a monday?):

Augustana – Last Mistake. I just started getting their discography again, it’s good stuff.

pz out for now.